LISD Video Conferencing
A real time What is it?

It is a real-time viewing from one location to another by two or more parties. Learning is up close and personal with interact between participants and presenters on location! Interacting classroom to classroom across the world or across LISD offers teachers and students an audience to re-enforce learning as well as explore new learning concepts. Many resources for content are included in the resource links pages on the left.

Learning is up close a
How do I schedule a video conferencing event?
  1. Approval from Campus Administrator: Obtain approval before setting up a free or paid conference
  2. Parent Permission: Download/print parent permission forms (under Region 5/Setten/waiver at link below) for each student.
  3. Reserve the Facility: Ask the Campus Tech Specialist to assist with reserving the date/time at selected location; allow 15 minutes before the conference to get your students settled and in place.
  4. Locations: High School: Distance Learning Lab, Middle School (room TBA), Intermediate School: Activity Room, or Primary School: Library Media Room. Some reservations may be set up through Eduphoria/Facilities & Events/Make a Reservation.
  5. Notify Technology: Notify the network administrator via a Helpdesk request.
  6. Region 5: Using the helpdesk request your specialist will coordinate with Russell Tritico at Region 5 to arrange the connection.
  7. Review/Prepare: Prepare students ahead about expected behavior and the content to be studied. If student presentations are planned, require students to practice presentations as if they were on camera. Use the resources from the link below: View the video(s) posted on this link to be sure it is appropriate for your age level audience.

What are my options for the way the video conference is viewed or managed?
You have several choices in set up for a video conference:
  1. Participation: Events can be 'interactive participation' or 'view only'. Interactive is the stronger method of participation, however, viewing can have a good impact as well.
  2. VBrick (view only/record): When facilities are not available but the conference equipment is or if multiple classes want to view, students and teachers may watch an event from a computer in a view only mode. Recording is available unless prohibited by the sponsor. See your Campus Specialist for appropriate setup to view from your classroom (limit 5 classrooms computers viewing a live event simultaneously).
  3. Connections: Connections are normally via Region 5, but not required if only 2 sites within LISD are involved.
  4. WHEN EVENT IS COMPLETE: Use the link on the left of this page called "Evaluating Events" to provide feedback regarding your event.

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Video Conference Waiver

Region 5 Resources

Lumberton Video Conferencing wiki created by Region 5
Region 5 Video Conference Resoure (See the Waiver and the Ettiquette Handout)