Below is a list of links provided to LISD by Gary Teeter of Data Projections, Houston, TX. These links are good sources for establishing video conferencing projects and allowing students to interact with specialists and other classrooms throughout the world.

ARRI - Aquatic Restoration & Research Institute Talkeetna, Alaska
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC)
Missouri Research and Education Network
Cranbrook Institute of Science Content Providers
Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN)

OTHER SITES TO GOOGLE search for VC Opportunities!
Electronic Field Trips
Etiquette Megaconference VII
TxDLA (Texas Distance Learning Association)
From the home site the Listserve
NASA - Digital Learning Network CATALOG OF EVENTS.URL (Join the NASA E-Blast for updates)
New York Hall of Science - Education
NoodleTrip - Go Virtually Anywhere - Virtual Field Trip Search Engine.URL
Optical Illusions
SBC Content Providers
SERC - Education - Distance Learning
Telecommunity Networking for Distance Learning
Tennessee Aquarium Kids & Teachers
ViREnt Broadcasting Company providing Distance Learning Programs.URL
Welcome to the Indianapolis Zoo & Gardens