Resource Links to support Video Conferencing and collaborative projects:

Polycom (manufacturer of our equipment)

Polycom Education Site
Education Support Options for Video Conferencing
Polycom's CONTENT Database
Multiples sources including 380 free events including sources such as: Library of Congress, Zoos, Smithsonian, Nasa, US House of Representative, US Senate, Univerity of TX, Authoris, and Scientists!
Polycom COLLABORATIONS Around the World
Site for connecting with educators internationally
Texas State Aquarium
Live from the Flint Hills Resources Distance Learning Studio at the Texas State Aquarium! Through a series of real-time cameras, students can view and learn about the animals of the Gulf of Mexico! All programs are 50 minutes in length. Each videoconference package offers pre- and post-videoconference activities and hands-on interaction during the program.
Other Sources Page 1
  • Center for Interactive Learning and COLLABORATION Join for free this colllaborative site and hear about new collaborative events with organizations and/or other classrooms across the US and the world.
  • KIDS Creating Content From Montreal to Mazatlån, Honolulu to the Hamptons, if you’re looking for ways to engage students in authentic research, presentation skills and use of technology then you’ll want to be involved in the 2010-2011 Kids Creating Community Content (KC3) Contest. Watch the video on how some schools have participated in this contest. You don't have to be in a contest to do these types of things. This particular link is geared toward 6-12 grade students.