The Remote

VBrick Recording
In preparing for and maintaining video conference equipment, Technology Specialists or Campus Rep for Video Conferencing will need to address the following:
  1. Turn the VBrick Unit off when not in use or recording continues after an event ends.
  2. Secure your VBrick remote and your Polycom remote. These are very expensive pieces and essential to your equipment.
  3. When VBrick is used to record or transmit events to a different location without an audience in the room with the equipment, turn the camera toward the wall with the microphone and monitor turned off.
  4. VBrick movie files are stored at "\\lumstor1\vbrick". Setup files for PC access to VBrick are located in the software file.
  5. Note: You will typically NOT be able to see an event until the connection is made at Region 5 and the participant contact has signed into begin the presentation.